The Government employee in Pakistan has a great new facility by the finance department of Pakistan regarding their monthly salary slip registration. The PIFRA service by FABS is the only registration by which all the Govt employees in Pakistan can get their monthly Salary slips in their email addresses.

It’s easy to get your monthly pay slip online at your Google email address. There is no waste of time and no hardships to go into the finance wing, to demand, search, and pay anything to clerks. You do not need to waste hours staying in line to get your income certificate. The Government of Pakistan has taken a great step for you.

Get PIFRA Registration Form Online

All kinds of departments will get benefits from this service. The Health, Police, Education, livestock, Rescue, Civil Defense, Wapda, and all other departments under the Govt of Pakistan will get their slips right in their email address before they get paid in their hands. The PIFRA Salary Slip 2024 downloads online.

If you are already a member of PIFRA Service, it’s all ok, simply check your inbox to download your pifra salary slip online. But if you don’t know anything, then read the complete article till the end. See the procedure of PIFRA Salary Slip Registration to become the monthly beneficiary of this free service.

What is PIFRA Salary Slip Registration?

PIFRA means the Project to improve financial reporting and auditing by the Finance Department of Pakistan. The service is provided in favor of Government employees who need their salary slips for various purposes but were unable to get them from their respective districts or after a great effort.

Now the Govt has launched this project with great interest and provided a pifra salary slip online in their registered email address. The system generates whole statements automatically and sends your salary record as it is, in your email inbox on monthly terms with mistakes and errors.

We are not but, pay slip registration is the official website that was started when the project was launched now the website has transferred to for other services, but the free salary slip registration is still on LOGO The complete registration can be viewed on this link, but you should first learn the whole process of this service. You can complete your signup process from the website mentioned above. The process of registration is very simple and self-explanatory. But here we will provide a complete guide for the registration of your monthly salary slip registration online.

Salary Slip Registration Online:

All the departments are going for up-gradation to digital processing, and new technology is being added in all kinds of departments for attendance, salary, reports, and all other records. This costs low and gives fast and correct results.

You can see, that most of the services are transformed online in Pakistan, a country that is far behind form technology how will this be seen in advanced countries? This is a great facility for humankind and saves time and money.

Like other services to be digitalized, the finance department has launched your salary slip registration online. All the payments and the financial records are now online by FABs Pakistan.

Of these services, the PIFRA salary slip registration is one. You can download your monthly salary slip online in the computerized format at the email address that you provided while registering.

Register for PIFRA Pay Slip Online in Pakistan

If you work for the government in Pakistan, you might want to know about PIFRA’s online services for pay slips. PIFRA stands for Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing. On their website,, you can register to get your pay slip online. It’s a simple and free way to get your salary information.

To start, you’ll need to fill out the PIFRA registration form online. This form asks for some basic details like your name, job, and contact information. Once you fill it out, you can submit it to get your PIFRA pay slip online every month.

The best part is that this is a free salary slip registration service. You don’t have to pay anything to get your pay slip online. After you register, you’ll get your PIFRA salary slip sent to your email every month. This makes it easy to keep track of your money.

So, if you want to make your life a little easier, go to pay slip registration and sign up. It’s a quick and free way to get your pay slip without any hassle.

Online PIFRA Registration:

Registering with PIFRA online makes it very easy to get your monthly salary slip in your email box. The procedure includes personal and account information easily available to all Government employees. We will guide you through this complete procedure if you are willing to register your salary slip every month. Before registration, you must have the following documents to easily register your account by Pakword. The PIFRA Salary Slip Registration Online for April 2024 and May 2024 is in process and will be delivered to your email inbox. If not found, then check your spam folder.


The Documents and information you must have before pifra salary slip online registration.

  1. Complete Name of Government employee
  2. CNIC Number
  3. Your Mobile Phone Number
  4. Your Provinces like Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Baluchistan
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Private Email (Gmail) Address
  7. Your Government-Level Scale
  8. Government Personal number (ID or Code). This personal number can be asked from your departmental account office.

You must have the above information before the registration process.

About PIFRA Registration Form

Once you have collected all the required things for pifra registration, it’s time to go to the pifra registration form for registration. online Salary Slip Registration:

The whole registration process must be followed according to the form. But we must also understand the complete terminologies used in the process of online Salary Slip Registration.

All codes are very simple and easy to remember. The Pakistan provinces are assigned a short name that must be used; you belong to. You can see in the following table, that what your province code is.

Provinces/RegionsPIFRA Code
District Government
Gilgit BaltistanGB
Kashmir CouncilK
District Government KPKDGN

You must first find your province and then put the value in the registration form. It can be trouble for you if you don’t have the right Pifra code relating to your province.

The View of Registration Form Registration Form

If you have now collected the credentials, then you are now ready for registration and how you will. Register by following the steps.

  • Visit the official website –,
  • Navigate to the “Services” tab and click on the option “Online salary slip/Pension slip
  • This is the main page for the online PIFRA registration form.
  • You must be conscious now and put all the information you have to gather earlier in the form as demanded.
  • In the first instance, you will enter, Government Code, and choose your province code for the table that I have attached above ie for F = Federal. N = KP Govt, S = Sindh. B = Balochistan. P = Punjab. DGP = District Govt Punjab. K = Kashmir. DGN = District Govt KP .K = Kashmir. GB = Gilait-Baltistan. GBC = GB Council and C = Kashmir Council.
  • Next, you will have to enter the employee’s number, which will be taken from the accounting office.
  • Then enter your CNIC number without dashes. (If you have an Old NIC that may not work, then add your new CNIC number)
  • After adding the CNIC number, you need to add the date of birth. The format of date of birth must be DD/MM/YY and will be selected with the dropdown format.
  • In the end, you must have to enter your mobile number. And that’s all.

Note: Your old CNIC number will not work here, you have to provide a new CNIC number for registration, and otherwise, you will not be able to do so.

How to complete Sign Up process:

After completing all these steps, the signup request was sent to, but the registration process is still pending. One thing is remaining.

You have received an email in your Gmail account to verify your registration. You will see the email at the top of your inbox. But if you have not seen still, you can search in the spam folder of your Gmail account.

You must follow the link whenever you receive the email to verify your identity. You will see the email with the title [“Please click here to verification of your given information.” Click on it,]. You must click on the link, and a box will open to add your email address.

You must add your email address two times for complete confirmation.  Only Gmail users are eligible to sign up for Pifra registration. The other email service is not working with this service.

When you have submitted your email address two times, press the submit button, and that is now completely processed your monthly email subscription service is free in your Gmail inbox.

See the complete video Tutorial:

How to check PIFRA Duplicate account:

Creating a duplicate account with the same user information is impossible. If you already have an account and want to check that I cannot register, then fill out the complete registration form. If you have not registered, then you will be registered. If you already have a PIFRA account, you will get a message that you are already registered to this service. Only check your email inbox for monthly salary slips online.

How to Get a Monthly Salary Slip in Your Gmail Account?

You have to do nothing if you have already completed the registration process. You have only to check your payslip in your Gmail account. All salary slips are updated each month on a specific date after sending the monthly salary to your account.

The simple process of checking your salary account is that login to your email account and search for PIFRA salary slip. You will see the current month’s salary slip in your account.

You get the email each month. In case of failure, you must check your email address and, when you have registered, what email was added to your registration account. If you have entered the right email address, then you can contact or you also can call to PIFRA helpline at +92- 51-9107248 during duty hours for assistance. You can ask for any query or modification to your account there.

Can we change the Email address on PIFRA?

If you have entered the wrong email while registering, then you can contact at Pifra contact number (+92- 51-9107248) to change your email address.

The purpose of Pifra DDO Code

The (D.D.O.) plays an essential role in controlling society’s funds and controlling the expenditure. There are numerous advantages of creating a separate record and computerizing it. It is easy to track the individual officers and staff of the Government and their documents. The following rewards are given below:

  • Employee Group
  • Position
  • Job Description
  • Open/Filled


To determine the position code of your DDO code, you must follow the instructions and guidelines.

  • Enter Nin the Government Field.
  • Enter your DDO code in the DDO Code Field. (For example, GD1234).
  • Select the “Search” button

PIFRA DDO Codes List

Every DDO assigns a unique code. It’s not available to the general public. The code is recorded inside the Budget Book, and every DDO is aware of this. The secret code is only available to DDO officers to access the budget information. The code is six numbers, with the first two letters being aliphatic and the other 4 being numbers.

Monthly Salary Slip not receive an Email?

The monthly salary slips are sent regularly by PIFRA online system. But don’t worry if you have not received your monthly salary slip. Sometimes due to server issues, it may take a few days and sometimes a month to send your email. But if you are still unable to receive your salary slip, you must contact me via email or call to clear the issue.

PIFRA Contact:

The whole PIFRA system is online. If you have registered your account, the system will send you the monthly salary slip. But if you did not receive it, you need to contact the PIFRA help center. You can also contact me for any queries. The PIFRA Monthly Salary Slip Registration Online March 2024 is in your email. Check out their.

There are two ways to contact the PIFRA helpline. One is via email and the other via call. You can choose yourself.


PIFRA Phone Number:  051-9107248

Office Timing: Monday to Friday- 9 am to 5 pm

Head office Address: PIFRA FABS Directorate, AGPR Complex, G-8/4 Islamabad Pakistan.

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