The Purpose of creating this particular site is to assist and help Government personnel of Pakistan in the process of getting register among the Government’s official WELFARE program what is PIFRA ( venture for the enhancement of Financial Reporting & Auditing (Pakistan). PIFRA is Pakistan’s Government project, which is created to help and facilitate the government individuals by delivering the financing and auditing system on the internet

Many federal government employees of Pakistan do not understand how to get connected or subscribed with PIFRA. Pakword creates the current fresh news and instructions to employees to become a part of this project.

We all are very sincere with our site visitors, so we provide as much information as people can easily to help out our subscribers. we modify our site coming from time period to time. as we get any other unique update from the government, we all at instance publish it on our site so you (site visitors) can get maximum advantages from our site.

PIFRA is a very larger mission which is becoming announced by the government of Pakistan. the main function of this task is to better the finance stating and auditing system regarding Pakistan. Government is trying to place all financing and auditing techniques on the web.

Thanks to Government of Pakistan who has given such an inheritor to its employees. but even although the plan is for the well-being of staff, various of them are locating its hard to how they can get signed up with this advantageous strategy.

Here on this particular point, the executive has a deficiency of guidelines. they just launched their official website whenever you do get registration nevertheless no even more details or even daily updates are present there.

And the hard process is, the even don’t know what to provide, and what to not to become a part of this project. PIFRA allows the government employees inside get their monthly salary shimmies as part of their email inbox direct.

Before the declaration concerning this particular task, governments personnel require at strive to get their particular salary slip coming from the government. They experienced in order to stand ahead in very long queues for hours. it was very hard to get a salary or even worst to get the pension slip. Thanks to government now you can get your monthly pay slips and pensions in your email, no need to stand in queues and no need to wait for it for hours.

People are starting our ideal in this location towards explaining and clarify all instructions which are necessary to become a part of PIFRA.


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