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The person in charge of paying money, chosen by the government, is like the boss of a department. They help in handling bills and payments for the government and may also be called the head of the department. DDO Ber is a computer system that helps with monthly money plans. Government workers use it to see how money is spent and to manage the budget. Both you and the government department need to keep track of the spending. With the DDO system, you can quickly learn about your pay, monthly earnings, bills, and other details. It includes checking money and is mainly there to make understanding money matters easy for workers.

DDO Ber Budget – DDO Ber

The DDO Ber budget is something that happens every month, so it’s the job of DDO Ber to tell the big bosses how much money was spent. These reports are made using rules from Pakistan’s Money and Budget divisions.

To see the DDO budget spending, a government department worker needs something called a DDO code. With this code, they can quickly get the report. They can look at the report on the official website of FABS.


PIFRA DDO Budget Exp 2024 – Monthly Guide

  1. Click on the services tab.
  2. Then click on “EXECUTION REPORT EXPENDITURE” to view the details of the money report.


It’s easy and helps you see how the money is used each month.

Monthly DDO BER Budget 2024

DDO is a person who gives out money and helps you with a special code to look at your budget information. Every DDO Ber gives a unique code from where you work. This code has 6 parts. The first two parts are letters, and the last four are your worker number.

Normal people can’t use the DDO code; it’s only for special DDO officers. With this worker code, the boss of the place can use the PIFRA official website and manage the money as needed.

You can also sign up with Pifra online by filling out a form. It’s a simple way to keep track of your money matters.

Details of the PIFRA Code List PIFRA has a list of all the codes and it’s easy to find them. You just need to go to the official website of FABS at If you want to see the report, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Tap on Services.
  2. Click on Budget Execution Report.
  3. It will take you to a website
  4. If the FABS website isn’t working, you can put this link ( into your Firefox or Chrome browser.
  5. Download DDO Ber Budget 2024, Print it or save as an HTML file to your desktop.

Government Code In Pakistan, there are about 12 different areas, and each one has its own special code. The big government of Pakistan makes these codes. They help you know where the DDO is located. For example, if you work in Balochistan, you need to use the letter “B.” If you’re from Gilochistan, you need to use the letters “GB.”

It’s a simple way to understand where things are and how they work.


Once you’ve put in the province code, you need to enter the DDO  BER code. We’ve already given all the information about “DDO Budget Month Wise,” but I just want to remind you that this code is special for each worker and isn’t for everyone. This code has 6 parts, with letters and numbers mixed together.

After you’ve put in the Government code and the DDO code, you can find out about the budget. Just put in both codes and click the search button. Then you’ll see all the information about how the money is being used online.

It’s a simple way to keep track of things and know what’s going on with your money.


In conclusion, the government has set up a system where certain people, like the DDO, are in charge of handling money and payments. Tools like DO Ber and the DDO system are used to plan and track monthly spending. These systems help government department workers understand their pay and other financial details easily. Together, these elements work to make managing and understanding budget matters simple and accessible for everyone involved.


  1. What is a DDO?

    • A DDO is a Drawing & Disbursing Officer who is in charge of handling money, payments, and bills for the government.
  2. What does DO Ber do?

    • DO Ber is a computer system that helps government workers and officers plan and track monthly spending and budgets.
  3. How can I access my budget information?

    • You can access your budget information through the DDO system, using a special code provided by your department or sector.
  4. What is the purpose of the DDO code?

    • The DDO code is a unique 6-digit code used to identify employees and access budget information. It’s a combination of letters and numbers and is not available to the public.
  5. Can I check my pay slip and monthly bills online?

    • Yes, through the DDO system, you can find details about your pay, monthly earnings, pay slips, and bills.
  6. What if the FABS website is down? How can I access the reports?

    • If the FABS website is down, you can directly access the PIFRA DDO link by putting the specific URL into your Firefox or Chrome browser.
  7. How do I know my province code in Pakistan?

    • Each province in Pakistan has a unique code specified by the Federal Government. You need to know your province’s letter code (e.g., “B” for Balochistan or “GB” for Gilgit-Baltistan) to find the DDO location.
  8. Why are these systems important for government employees?

    • These systems make it easy for government workers to understand their money details, including pay, expenses, and budget management. They are designed to simplify the process and make it accessible to all.
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